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5 Great Morning Yoga Poses!

May 17, 2012 by Kristin

If you ask me, the most calming part of your day is the beginning.  The house is usually quiet, the kids are still sleeping, why not use this time wisely and begin the day by doing these 5 RELAXING yoga poses.

Stay in each pose as long as you’d like, only do what is comfortable for your body.  If it hurts, stop doing it DUH! And don’t be afraid to play, experiment with what feels good for your body. Just keep breathing ;)

Start Svasana (corpse pose): Lie flat on our back arms relaxed near your side…6 slow, deep belly breaths….Inhale fill the belly, exhale empties….start your day, set an intention…

• FULL BODY STRETCH: Inhale your arms up over head, good full body strength, lengthen from tips of fingers to toes, do this for a few breathes wake the body up…when you’re ready take deep inhale….

• LEG STRETCH: And Exhale Bringing right knee to chest, Hug right knee into chest (Keep neck long by slightly tucking chin, flex and lengthen left leg on the ground) On an inhale, straighten the right leg, heel to ceiling, rotate ankles (clockwise, counterclockwise) Grab onto right leg and gently pull closer to you (nice hamstring stretch… Left leg is still strong, neck still lengthened, shoulders away from ears…breathe)

• TWIST: On an inhale bend right leg, place right foot on ground, spread your arms out wide to make a T shape with your body, and on an exhale, drop the right knee over to the left…stay here breathing for as long as it feels good (shoulders should remain on ground, head can twist in the opposite direction of knee) and bring the knee back up on an inhale.

(REPEAT steps 2 and 3 on the Left Leg)

…Roll over to your right side. Gently and slowly push yourself up to seated position…

• CAT-COW: Come onto all fours in a neutral position. (Wrists directly under shoulders, knees directly under hips and create a long straight line from crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone.)  On an inhale, Raise the tailbone towards the ceiling, drop the belly and look up towards the ceiling making a curved U shape with your torso.  Shoulders relaxed.  Exhale and curve the tailbone down, arch the back and drop the head, chin toward chest. Repeat as many times as feels good.

• DOWN-DOG: from neutral CAT-COW, tuck the toes under, straighten legs, lift the buttocks toward the ceiling

Try a modified down-dog with bent knees.

Thanks to The Yoga Tree House for developing this sequence!

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