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March 27, 2012 by Kristin

My younger sister, my older brother, and my sister-in-law are getting ready to run a marathon in Paris.  Exciting, isn’t it! As an avid runner myself, I have found myself turning to them for runner tips.  Here is a list of what I have found so far:


1.       Learn what compression socks are and use them for your long runs or just as a recovery.  I never heard of compression socks before until my brother and sister introduced them to me.  They are tight and they look like leg warmers, but wow!  They really help with shin pains and any aching in my calves.  My sister-in-law only wears one on her left leg because she only experiences issue with that one leg.  They come in cool colors. I purchased mine at a local runner store.

2.       Plan your runs around where the water fountains are.  I personally tried to plan my runs to include the more shaded areas, but after doing a long run of 11 miles, I found that knowing where I can get water was WAY more important.  I usually run with a water bottle in my hand but on one hot Florida sunny day, I ran out of water and I had to cut my run short.  I learned my lesson.

3.       When running over 5 miles, carry some kind of supplement to keep your body fueled.  I love the gel-blocks by cliff bar and the energy jelly beans.  I also mix acceleraide in my water bottle.  It has calories, protein, and electrolytes which help to keep me energized.

4.       Always stretch after running!  I can stress this enough.  Stretching has been found to help prevent injuries and to help keep you from cramping up.

5.       Stop being cheap and spend the money to get nice running shoes.  I am very guilty of this.  I buy nice workout clothes but I skimp on my running shoes.  After many blisters and sore feet, I finally listened to my sister and purchased some comfortable running shoes.  Also keep in mind that everyone has a preference with running shoes, so find what works best for you.


Those are my tips!  Short and sweet.

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