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a March 20th, 2012

  1. Drunk Sausage

    March 20, 2012 by Kristin

    I came up with this recipe from Shape Magazine. I slightly changed it to help improve with the taste of the stew.  Even though, spring is here, its still a fun and easy recipe to make. ENJOY!

    -package of turkey sausage (any size is fine)
    -any light beer bottle or canned (2 beers)
    -1 tbs of olive oil
    -red, green, and yellow peppers (whole, one of each)
    -1 onion
    -2 cloves of garlic
    -1 can of whole tomatoes
    -1 small can of tomato paste
    -1 tbs of fresh oregano
    -1 tsp of chili powder
    -1 teaspoon of salt

    1. Marinate sausage links in the light beer for at least 3 hours (do not throw away beer marinade, we will use it for the stew)
    2. Heat oven to 400 degrees
    3. Place sausage links in a pan greased with cooking spray
    4. Allow sausage to cook for about 25 minutes
    5. Slice the peppers, onions, and galic and cook in a large pot with the olive oil until they are soft over medium heat
    6. Add one can of whole tomatoes with juice and crush the tomatoes with your hands wile adding them to the pot
    7. Allow the mixture to cook for 5 minutes, while stirring the pot
    8. Add half of the beer marinade and one cup of water
    9. Add 3 tbs of tomato paste, oregano, salt, and chili powder
    10. Cook for about 10 minutes and stir every few minutes
    11. When the sausages are done, slice them and add to the stew mixture
    12. Lower the temperature to simmer and cook for about 30 minutes and your stew is done!


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  2. Healthy burritos? Where can you get one???

    March 20, 2012 by Kristin

    So tonight I went out for Mexican. As I was trying to find my healthiest option on the menu, I began craving a burrito. The restaurant I was at had something called a South Beach Burrito, which consisted of a “low carb” tortilla.  I thought… low-carb… according to who or to what? So I decided to find out how many calories were in this burrito.  After some research, I decided that I should compare burritos of different Mexican restaurants and find which one had the healthiest.  Here goes:

    1. Lime. It just recently opened up by my house. I usually get the South Beach burrito.  After looking it up, here is what I found: the South Beach burrito is a low-carb tortilla filled with chicken, jack and cheddar cheese, pico de gallo salsa and shredded lettuce. I get it without the cheese.  All seems pretty healthy.  Lime didn’t have anything on their web site about the nutritional information in their food, so I estimated what the burrito would have based on the ingredients.  A typical “low-carb” burrito tortilla has anywhere from 200 calories to 150 calories, about 4 ounces of their chicken may have 150-190 calories, pico de gallo has about 30 calories, lettuce has about 20 calories.  All together this burrito has about 420 calories, assuming you don’t get the cheese.

    2. Chipotle. Assuming you get a similar burrito at Chipotle, its about 500 calories if you skip the rice and cheese.  With rice and cheese, your burrito can get up to over 700 calories. I found this information from a nutritional calculator for Chipotle.

    3. Qdoba. Also, sticking with the guidelines of no cheese and no rice, the Qdoba burrito has about 500 calories.  I found this from their web site, which was very easy to use.

    4. Don Pablo’s. I found that their web site had all of their nutritional information on it and WOW!  Their chicken burrito had over 900 calories.  I guess I won’t be eating that anytime soon.  This burrito looks like it came with rice and cheese on it, which probably contributed to the high calorie count.

    5. Moe’s Southwest Grill. Honestly, this seems like the best option.  If you get a 10 inch burrito with chicken, pico de gallo, and cheese (yes, I said cheese), the burrito can have a little over 300 calories.  This information was also available on their web site on a super cool, easy to use calorie counter.


    Bottom line, use your head when eating out.  try to stay away from cheese and rice and of course sour cream.  While they may taste great, adding those to your burrito can greatly increase the calories of your meal.

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